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The Transport and Logistical Efficiencies Program - Webinars, Data Diagnostics Grants and business support for SMEs

Free support and funding contributions for the logistics business

TALE is a targeted business support programme focused on improving efficiency and productivity in logistics and supply chain operations for SMEs across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and East Sussex.

The TALE programme is designed to demonstrate how, through data analytic tools and techniques, business can gain insights to improve their competitiveness through a reduction of costs, introduction of new services, enhancement of customer service and acquisition of new customers, as well as ensuring businesses are protected from risks of cyber-attacks.

For the freight transport, logistics and manufacturing sectors

TALE supports the freight transport and logistics sector, such as freight forwarders, hauliers, customs clearance agents as well as companies with a logistics function in the manufacturing, engineering and distribution sectors. The programme will work with 200 SMEs such as delivery companies, food wholesalers, maintenance operations, manufacturers, commercial fleet operators and anybody moving goods from A to B.

The work is led by the Haven Gateway Partnership with a dedicated project team that include dedicated Business Support Facilitators guiding individual businesses as they develop their growth plans. The programme is delivered with partners at the University of Essex and Kent – with their known centres of expertise in data analysis and cyber security.


The opportunities below cover a variety of business needs and scenarios, and are subject to financial assistance from the European Regional Development Fund and SME eligibility criteria. TALE has 3 elements:

1 to 1 Free Digital Diagnostic

This is a question and answer session on how a business currently uses data. This leads to a free diagnostic support plan to show the areas of strength as well as those needing improvement and recommendations on better data use opportunities.

Free Events and Webinars

Topics of relevance to the specific company include Cyber Security, Google Analytics, How to Improve your Website, Reviewing your Operations and Processes, Leading Change, Strategy and Business Planning


Up to £10,000 (40% of total project cost, non-repayable grant)

TALE LITE - Grants up to £2k - Towards a maximum £5k project


 Does your business meet the criteria?

To qualify for TALE funding, each SME business will need to meet the following initial criteria:

  • Be considered as an enterprise; an enterprise is "any entity engaged in an economic activity (the sale of products or services at a given price, on a given/direct market), irrespective of its legal form".
  • Employ fewer than 250 people.
  • Have either an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euro, or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million euro as evidenced by last approved annual accounts.


What can my business gain?

TALE funds projects that use data analytics as part of a logistics function. The more effective use of data within the company can be wide ranging:

  • Companies can buy kit for data collection and processing such as computers, iPads, telephony and data capture devices such as sensors.
  • Software applications could include tracking systems, warehouse management, stock control, security protection tools and market intelligence.
  • Personnel can include the use of consultancy to come in and advise or help implement a data use solution, and the recruitment of new staff employed within the business to launch a new product or service: TALE can fund 40% of the cost of a post for a year.

Contact TALE for one to one help from our team of Business Support Facilitators: Sian Dowell, Patrick Maynard and Fred Thomas


Find out more by downloading the TALE Leaflet

The Haven Gateway Partnership

The Haven Gateway Partnership was created in 2001 by a group of partners across North Essex and South Suffolk in order to promote the area as a distinct economic sub region based upon its strong links with the Haven Ports of Felixstowe and Harwich.

Today, the Partnership remains a vehicle for co-operation. It is a public/private partnership which still embraces Ports and Logistics but now also supports its partners, through evidence backed advocacy and selective project work, to drive economic growth more generally in support of the New Anglia and South East Local Enterprise Partnerships.