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The transport and logistics sector faces an extraordinary amount of change. Brexit has led to labour and resource shortages, causing costs to rise. While increasing demand due to online shopping (in part because of Covid-19), has pushed the digital agenda forward many years.

For small businesses, it can be challenging to adapt to these changes. You may not know which digital solutions will improve your ways of working or meet other needs. There might be data you’ve gathered but can’t make use of, or you may have an idea for a project but need help financing it.

If you run a transport business, or simply have a logistics function, the TALE (Transport and Logistical Efficiencies) programme is here to help.

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TALE has helped more than 250 small and medium-sized
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Good news - TALE has been extended!

The TALE programme has been extended until the end of September 2022.

Support is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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