TALE is Evolving

New Webinar Series Providing Practical Advice during the Covid-19 Emergency

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Contact your nearest Growth Hub for business support during the Covid-19 Emergency

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Norfolk & Suffolk 0300 3336536

Is Your Data Working For You?

Free Support and Funding Contributions for your logistics business
£1 Million already invested.  TALE memberships reach 200

TALE is an ERDF funded project helping SMEs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and East Sussex make the most of their logistics data, to improve profit margins and reduce costs

TALE can help you to:

Safeguard your data
Improve Cyber Security and comply with GDPR
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Insight to increase profit margins and grow sales
Use Data Strategically
Launch new products and implement innovation

TALE offers 3 types of support: our Workshop Series is now produced as Webinars

Find out more by downloading the TALE Leaflet

The Haven Gateway Partnership

The Haven Gateway Partnership was created in 2001 by a group of partners across North Essex and South Suffolk in order to promote the area as a distinct economic sub region based upon its strong links with the Haven Ports of Felixstowe and Harwich.

Today, the Partnership remains a vehicle for co-operation. It is a public/private partnership which still embraces Ports and Logistics but now also supports its partners, through evidence backed advocacy and selective project work, to drive economic growth more generally in support of the New Anglia and South East Local Enterprise Partnerships.