Here are some examples of items purchased using TALE grants:

Tablets can be included in eligible expenditure, for example when they form part of a live jobs system that needs to be updated on site or accessed remotely
A CRM - Customer Relationship Management system can be used to analyse and report on client costs and profitability
Bespoke software designed for your logistics operation may use Cloud storage for added capacity and security
A smart phone could be purchased to assist in electronic order despatch, streamlining the operation as engineers no longer need to check in at base
Cyber Essentials is an accreditation offered to companies who can demonstrate they have protocols and software protection against hacking
Barcode readers can form part of an inventory management or warehouse and stock control system


Here are some examples of roles created using TALE grants:

  • Stock & Data Manager
  • CRM Manager
  • Data & Logistics Officer
  • Data Analyst

Better use of your business data can extend across a wide range of logistics functions, including:

  • Replacing a manual paper-based system with a digital one - digitisation
  • Manufacturers may be installing a new ERP - Enteprise Resource Planning system
  • Creating bespoke software designed for operations
  • Installing a live jobs system updating during the day and accessible remotely
  • Generating reports showing customer profitability and analysing costs
  • Dispatching orders electronically to workers to remove the need to call-in at base
  • Using journey optimisation and vehicle tracking software
  • Protecting confidential client data and purchasing cyber security software upgrading firewalls and preventing hacking
  • Creating a digital tracking system across a whole supply chain

Companies have been identifying opportunities to improve their business via a range of methods:

  1. Apply for Grants for priority needs within the SMEs logistics function
  2. Identifying opportunities via the TALE Free Diagnostic Report
  3. Attending TALE Workshops to hear practical advice from industry experts
  4. Utilising the skills and expertise of a range of suppliers and consultants - including many in the Directory of this website

TALE funding is not affected by Brexit.  £1.9M to be invested in SMEs.

** IMPORTANT You will not receive grant funding for any costs incurred PRIOR to grant approval.  TALE cannot release funds retrospectively for activities that have already occurred **