Small & Medium Enterprises can benefit from TALE Grants.  Here are examples of businesses participating in the scheme:

  • A haulier needing route planning software matching shortest routes avoiding low bridges, congestion and charging zones
  • A wholesaler requiring the latest warehouse stock and storage control system
  • A freight exchange employing a data analyst to improve customer service and check they have competitive pricing
  • A manufacturer needing new ERP Tool – Enterprise Resource Planning, i.e. software matching technology, services and human resources. AND another manufacturer needing a data specialist to review their factories business processes
  • A removals company is installing an online surveyor service using video-calling instead of site visits
  • A maintenance company matching customer requirements to equipment and stock at depot , onboard vans and most capable worker
  • Many companies – across the supply chain – are installing systems for
  • protection against viruses and hackers.  TALE specializes in Cyber Security solutions including software, operations and staff awareness
  • A plumber wants a digital bookings system to organise 6 tradespeople in vans and their parts, out on jobs. They can take orders 24 hours a day