Return Loads is a leading freight exchange platform.  Representatives - Richard Newbold, MD Return Loads LLP and Michele Tedaldi, Sales Manager Return Loads LLP attended the TALE Customer Insights Workshop presented by Prof. Paurav Shukla for the University of Essex

As a web based Service Company it is an unfortunate fact that we sometimes lose sight of our customers.  With no face to face contact we generally only speak to our customers when problems occur.

We found this workshop so informative and thought provoking.

Professor Shakla walked us through the programme with enjoyable exercises both individual and as small groups.  He was not only extremely knowledgeable but also very personable.  Taking time to explain or discuss any topics or scenarios that were put to the group.

Each time a new concept was introduced or the importance of a procedure it was related to a real company or scenario making the concept more relatable.

The areas covered included:

  • Information Asymmetry
  • Strategic Balance
  • Understanding Customers
  • Data driven market Intelligence

The two later have become very important within our business.

We realised we needed to get more data from our customers, how they viewed our service and how they used our service.  Only then would we be able to improve, evolve and allocate our resources correctly.  At a time when we are looking at ways to future proof our company the information shared by Prof. Shukla has been invaluable.

Another area that was highlighted was the need for customer trust.  We have taken this on board and are currently exploring ways to not only gain this trust but also use it to gain a competitive edge.

Overall the workshop was a positive experience.  A great presenter, suitable location and relaxed atmosphere.  Very Enjoyable.

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