FREE Essex Business Support Workshops

On behalf of the South East Business Boost Programme, we are delighted to be offering a series of fully funded workshops to help you improve business performance.

Workshops from our enthusiastic experts have helped fledgling and established businesses overcome stumbling blocks common to many businesses. This training is free of charge to eligible SMEs*.

All workshops are run over 2 consecutive days, focus on practical exercises and aim to leave you with implementable plans to take your business to the next level. You don’t need to attend both days, just let us know when you register.

Taking Your Business Digital

Designed for businesses that want to use technology and software to help streamline their business activities. It covers e-mail platforms, CRM systems, website platforms, social media, multimedia and teamworking platforms such as Slack & Trello.

Project Management

Taking you through key project management tools and techniques and how to use them to improve performance in your business.

Creating New Products / Services

You will learn how to make your new idea attractive to customers, define your target customers, protect your Intellectual Property and ensure all resources are in place to successfully launch your new product.

Finance Essentials

Day 1 gives an overview of the financial flows in a business, including understanding income and expenditure accounts and creating a Profit and Loss account.

Day 2 will help you to understand financial risks & opportunities and learn how to use financial forecasting, essential for securing grants and other finance.

  • November 28-29, Southend

Website for further information: Enterprise Support Alliance