Attend our free Customer Insights Workshop to receive guidance about how to use data to understand your customers.

Collection and analysis of client data can result in greater customer loyalty, more efficient systems and provide the vital market intelligence to launch a new product or service.

Having knowledge about your customers is very important as you need to have a strong relationship with the people who rely on your business for their success.

You will know whom your top customers are but do you track their satisfaction, monitor and analyse their queries and complaints or have an oversight of the entire supply chain work? How does your service match the customer needs and industry standards?

SMEs with deep knowledge of their customers, collected from a range of internal and external sources are able to obtain and maintain a competitive edge and form a relationship based on trust and reliability.

Cost is not the only attractive sales offer or driver, as customers are also looking for quality and value. SMEs that consistently build on their customer experience will stand out against larger businesses and competitors.

With a specific focus on your relationship with the data you collect about your customers, this workshop looks at the critical information that your data tells you. It demonstrates how use and analysis of data can make a difference.


Our experts will guide you to:

  • Think about the data you have on your customers and clients and the story that data tells
  • Consider additional data capture needs and access, both internal and external
  • Analyse and interpret your data to provide insights on customer behaviour, trends or patterns, future needs and customer satisfaction
  • Connect company systems, linking service delivery to the customer experiences
  • Exploit information on customer needs to identify new products or discover your value-add service
  • Improve the management of information and the translation of information into robust insights and actions


Professor Paurav Shukla – Professor of Marketing and Head of the Management and Marketing Group at Essex Business School, University of Essex

Paurav’s career began in industry, and he continues to work hand in hand with industry as practitioner and advisor. His research interests include cross-cultural marketing, consumer behaviour and marketing in emerging markets.

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