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Do you know your competitive advantage (USP*) and how to analyse your competitors?  Do you have a strategy to position your business in the marketplace?  What criteria do you use to evaluate the market and exploit new opportunities?

To understand the marketplace, and your company's position in it, you need to identify types and sources of data that can be used to provide intelligence.  Customers are, of course, the focus of a business but you also need to think about your competitors and how what you are offering (* your Unique Selling Proposition) can provide an alternative.

Customer analysis and segmentation can be used to understand the process buyers go through before making a decision about what to purchase.  It is vital to get your offering noticed and one of the options that the customer considers.

Discover how to benchmark your competitors’ products, services and marketing strategies against yours in order to position yourself effectively and offer something new in the market.  By using environmental scanning techniques, we can yield opportunities for the business. As a SME, you may decide to go for a niche under the radar of the big firms.

  • Identify types and sources of data needed for market intelligence.
  • Demonstrate how the analysis of data and information generates intelligence (e.g. competitor analysis).
  • Use market intelligence to anticipate changes in the marketplace and discover new or potential competitors.
  • Learn from the successes and failures of others.

This session is led by Dr Maged Ali -Senior Lecturer of Digital Marketing, Essex Business School, University of Essex.

Dr Ali is an expert in Marketing and Information Systems. As a business consultant, Dr Ali has helped companies to develop more effective marketing strategies, advising on the best use of technologies as well as systems leadership and digital/social media.

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This event is stand alone and also works as a companion to our Insights: Understanding Your Customers