Attend our free Leadership event to discover the theories behind leadership and how great leadership is vital to any organisation.

What are your leadership values for your organisation?  Are good leaders born or can they be made?  Are you confused by management versus leadership?

Great leadership is essential if the organisation is to thrive.  Leadership isn’t easy, though, if you are caught up in the day-to-day running of your business.  In an ever-changing world, with shifting consumer demands and technology changing rapidly, it can be difficult to be an effective manager let alone a leader.  But it is exactly at this point that your leadership skills are needed.  Whether your business is a lifestyle business or you have ambitions for significant growth, leadership skills will help you to realise what you want to achieve.

Aimed at business owners or leaders, the session is designed to be appropriate to the key decision makers in an SME: it will be relevant to those responsible for setting the future direction for the company.

This session is led by Anita Thornberry - Executive Director for the Haven Gateway Partnership where she sets strategic direction and overseeing its delivery.  Anita also works as a consultant advising organisations on strategic direction and leadership as well as writing bespoke strategies for them.

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