What data do you collect within your business?  What data should you be collecting?  How can you unlock the knowledge and insight contained within your business data to understand and optimise your operations and processes?

Most organisations collect data as part of their routine activities. However, research tells us that only a minority of companies have realised the benefits of analysing their data and using it to lead the business in a direction of improvement. This means that decisions are bring made based on gut feel and intuition rather than on proper evidence.

This workshop offers practical and common-sense approaches to using information that is available within (or can be obtained by) a business to inform decisions about strategies, improvement and growth.

We will look at the importance of using data to understand your business performance and forecast the future.  We will focus on identifying what needs to change to maximise the effectiveness of the critical processes that run your business, and drive profitability and business growth.



  • Understand the role of data in a successful business
  • Work with data that is already in the business, and identify important gaps
  • Use data to measure performance, predict outcomes, and identify opportunities for optimisation and efficiency
  • How to turn operational risks into opportunities
  • Understand what data can tell us about the strategic priorities facing the business, e.g. product/service development, market, sales/revenues, costs/efficiencies, people & culture
  • Collect and present data in a form that will aid good decision-making
  • Using publicly available data
  • Generating a ‘data action plan’ for your business
  • Creating a mindset of continuous improvement


David Adlington – Independent Consultant specialising in business growth

David’s career began in engineering and technology, in the UK and Canada.  Management responsibility included R&D, design, strategic transformation and facilities management.

More recently he has run economic growth programmes supporting early stage and growing businesses, innovation, and the successful commercialisation of products and services.

As a consultant and coach, David works with businesses on strategies and practical approaches for growth


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