Attend our free Strategy event to discover why strategies are important to maximise the success and sustainability of your business

Do you have a strategy for your business?  Can you clearly identify why you are doing what you are doing and, therefore, the best way to maximise your opportunities?

Most businesses know why they exist whether they are the smallest or the largest – ultimately, it is to make money through the provision of a product or service.  You know your product or service well but can get so bogged down in the day-to-day operations, you are not able to quickly and concisely articulate what you are about and what your ultimate objective is.  You may know that you need to write a strategy but you are not sure how to do it or even why.  Or you may feel that a strategy is only for larger businesses and not you.

Our event is designed to give you an introduction as to why strategies are important no matter the size of the business or your aspirations for the business.

This session is led by Anita Thornberry - Executive Director for the Haven Gateway Partnership where she sets strategic direction and overseeing its delivery.  Anita also works as a consultant advising organisations on strategic direction and leadership as well as writing bespoke strategies for them.

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