L to R: Patrick Maynard, Sian Dowell and Fred Thomas - TALE Business Support Facilitators ready to visit your base and guide your through a grant application

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TALE grants can contribute 40% of your total project spend, with your company funding the other 60%. Your project can include elements of capital, revenue, software and consultancy costs. The scheme has been very successful and we only have just over £400,000 remaining in the grant pot - so be quick!

There are currently two types of grant routes:

TALE LITE £1k - £2k

To purchase software and initial consultancy advice related to data, with fast turnaround and simplified applications for projects minimum £2,500 up to a maximum spend of £5,000. These are small but impactful projects to your business.

We have prepared draft forms for a range of quick and easy TALE Lite applications:

  • Cyber Essentials
  • Microsoft 365
  • Operations & Processes Review
  • Software as a Service
  • CRM
  • Equipment for Resilience

TALE Grants £1k - £10k

To support software, consultancy or the purchase of equipment with project costs of minimum £2,500 to maximum £25,000, directly linked to embedding new data analytic tools and techniques into the company.  For larger awards, your data project will lead to new product or service being launched.

The kind of projects we can help with are as follows (but not limited to);

  • Software projects that will help make your despatch and logistics systems more efficient.
  • Implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software), WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) or core management systems
  • Implementation of new vehicle routing systems
  • Design, Build and launching of web-based customer information portals linking in your existing systems
  • Software systems or CRM systems that will help you use data to gain much stronger business intelligence
  • Consultancy costs to help with selecting the correct software
  • Small items (under £1,000) to support your projects - such as printers, tablets, mobile phones, vehicle trackers

If you don`t see your project listed above, talk to your Business Support Facilitator who will check the eligibility of the project that you want to undertake.

Support & Advice- TALE's Business Support Facilitators will guide the grant application process and can answer any questions on eligibility including acceptable items of expenditure within your data use project. They can also help you to complete your grant application form.

Grant Approval – Your project must be approved by our external panel of judges before you can start spending out on your project. A Grant Application must be completed and accompanied by quotes to be submitted to the panel. The panel take up to 3 weeks to make their decision. Once you have been informed of grant approval, a grant agreement pack is sent to you to sign, and you can start working on your project.

** IMPORTANT You will not receive grant funding for any costs incurred PRIOR to grant approval.  TALE cannot release funds retrospectively for activities that have already occurred **

Timescale - Payments are made upon receipt of evidence of expenditure, so you pay 100% of the costs first, then provide evidence to us so that we can pay the approved 40% funding back to you. Once all evidence has been processed, payments reach your business bank account in 7-10 working days.

All Grants are funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and this EU budget is guaranteed regardless of Brexit as it has been drawn down by the UK Government.

Please explore the Success Stories section of this website for examples of expenditure and case studies