No, Grant Funding is guaranteed and has been drawn down by the UK Goverment.  £1.9M of Grant expenditure is available.

Call 01206 764778 or email  tale@haven-gateway.org or visit  www.tale.org.uk

Transport and Logistical Efficiencies is a project providing cash, guidance and expertise to logistics companies who want to exploit data to make smart business decisions and grow their business.

Projects need to take place during 2020.

No, You will not receive grant funding for any costs incurred PRIOR to grant approval.  TALE cannot release funds retrospectively for activities that have already occurred

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Your company is involved in the movement of goods and their associated supply chains.  This includes the transport sector as well as any industry with a significant logistics operation.

A business may have several functions, of which some may fit the TALE project, for example the logistics element of food processing. TALE includes farming with a transport or logistics function.

TALE supports the transport and logistics sectors, such as freight forwarders, hauliers, customs clearance, agents, as well as companies with a logistics function in a range of industries. This could include, and is not limited to: manufacturing, engineering, energy, agri-tech, wholesaling, delivery transport and movers, tradesman with a fleet.

TALE does not support companies where the majority of the business is concerned with retail, consultancy or is not-for-profit.

Organisations without an enterprise functions for example charity fundraisers, councils.  Large scale enterprises.

Companies where logistics is not a significant part of the operation.

A small or medium enterprise employing fewer than 250 employees, turnover less than €50/£44M OR a balance sheet less than €43/£38M and no more than 25% owned by another company.

Your company should be engaged in the sale of goods or services, this includes social enterprises

TALE is supported by New Anglia and South East Local Enterprise Programmes and our Business Support Facilitators are ready to visit your business in Norfolk, Suffolk Essex, Kent and East Sussex.

TALE  support is available nationwide to all eligible SMEs with a logistics function.  Please note the Workshops take place within the 5 counties listed.

Sian, Patrick and Fred are Business Support Facilitators whose job is to guide companies

Businesses in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk

Sian Dowell sian.dowell@haven-gateway.org 07739 971659 OR

Patrick Maynard patrick.maynard@haven-gateway.org 07739 971658

Businesses in Kent and East Sussex

Fred Thomas fred.thomas@haven-gateway.org 07739 971 655