TALE Grants are set at 40% of your total Project budget, with your company funding the other 60%.

Your project can include elements of capital, revenue, software and consultancy costs.

The scheme has been very successful and we only have just over £400,000 remaining in the grant pot - so be quick!

There are currently 2 types of Grant:

TALE Lite £1k - £2k

To purchase software and initial consultancy advice related to data, with fast turnaround and simplified applications for projects up to a maximum budget of £5,000.  Read more about business benefits:

TALE Lite Example Projects

We have prepared draft forms for a range of quick and easy TALE Lite applications:

TALE Lite Cyber Essentials

TALE Lite Microsoft 365

TALE Lite Operations & Processes

TALE Grants £2k - £10k

To support software, consultancy or the purchase of equipment directly linked to embedding new data analytic tools and techniques into the company.  For larger awards, your data project will lead to new product or service being launched.


Payments are made upon receipt of evidence of expenditure – your project need to take place during 2020.  TALE ends in Spring 2021.

Support & Advice

TALE's Business Support Facilitators will guide the grant application process and can answer any questions on eligibility including acceptable items of expenditure within your data use project.

All Grants are funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and this EU budget is guaranteed regardless of Brexit as it has been drawn down by the UK Government.

Please explore the Who Is It For? section of this website for examples of expenditure and case studies

** IMPORTANT You will not receive grant funding for any costs incurred PRIOR to grant approval.  TALE cannot release funds retrospectively for activities that have already occurred **