1:1 Mentoring

Our diagnostic process helps to identify both your business's strengths and opportunities for support.

We can offer you a free package of up to 9-hours of mentoring with a logistics industry or business expert (worth up to £1,200). They will help you explore new topics, such as data and digitization, building your knowledge and skill. Our mentoring sessions can also help you focus on a specific issue, providing honest feedback and new solutions you might not have considered previously.

Your package can be focused on one singular theme or multiple themes. To make up the 9 hours you could choose 3 themes x 3 hours, spend 6 hours on one theme and 3 hours on another, or have the whole 9 hours dedicated to the topic that you want to improve your knowledge around.

The following sessions are currently taking place on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Leading Change

The survival and growth of businesses rely on the ability of their leaders to navigate the challenges that arise within their business and in the external environment.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought additional challenges to business and at this particularly difficult time, it is even more important to pause, take stock and reflect on the best actions to take to bring about the changes required.

Leaders can benefit from having a sounding board with whom they can exchange ideas and develop plans for putting those ideas into action. Through 1:1 mentoring businesses will gain fresh perspectives on their own organisational challenges.

The 1:1 mentoring sessions will be useful for business leaders that want to take their organisation in a new direction or do things differently and want to ensure they bring their staff on that journey with them.

Anita, the expert, can help businesses to:

  • Identify the models for change management best suited to delivering the changes businesses want to see in their organisation.
  • Develop and recognise key talent.
  • Understand and identify those who are resistant to change and how to deal with that positively.
  • Recognise the importance of their role as the leader of change and their own behaviours.

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Reviewing your Operations and Processes

Operations and processes are crucial to the everyday running of business and directors want them to run as smoothly as possible. This is especially important if they rely on a supply chain coming in and out of their business, as well as delivering goods and services to their customers.

But sometimes businesses may feel overwhelmed about what changes they want to make to their business to streamline and make efficiencies, try to become paperless, introduce new technology, or address issues that have been flagged.

1:1 mentoring sessions will be useful for business decision-makers and leaders who want to identify efficiencies and improvements within their operations and processes but perhaps do not know where to start looking. Or maybe they have priorities to start implementing but want to know what other tools are out there to help them. This could include making changes for resilience, finding new projects, or considering new processes for the future.

Sian can help businesses with:

  • How to complete and document a process map(s)
  • Getting staff involved and on-board with improvement projects
  • How to implement continuous improvement
  • How to apply Agile techniques in the business including implementation of a Kanban board
  • How to identify improvement opportunities
  • Tools to use from Lean Six Sigma – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control (DMAIC)

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Making Your Website an Effective Marketing Channel

Many challenges have arisen for businesses in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, one of which is how to keep pace with the significant increase in online business transactions that are taking place. With so many customers and potential customers now online, it is essential that businesses do not overlook this rapidly expanding marketplace.

Businesses need to make sure their website is an effective channel to take advantage of the ever-increasing marketplace of prospects online. There are a variety of tools available that will enable businesses to understand what customers are looking for; how to make businesses accessible to the target audience they are trying to reach to offer their products and services; and how their digital strategy can help them move ahead of their competitors.

In their 1:1 mentoring sessions, Fred can bring his wealth of experience in digital marketing to help them review their digital offering and devise a plan to develop their digital strategy and use of data. The 1:1 mentoring sessions will be useful for business leaders and marketing managers who want to ensure that their website is an optimised and effective marketing channel, and increase their understanding of what customers are looking for through the use of data.

Fred can help businesses with:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Fred will be able to provide hands-on support to implement/optimise Google Analytics and entry-level Search Engine Optimisation in their business as well as share a number of tips and tricks to optimise their webpages to create fresh and relevant content to attract potential customers to their website.

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Small businesses will be crucial in driving an economic renaissance in the UK. As the economy has been fundamentally reshaped by the pandemic, businesses will need a clear strategy to help them emerge and prosper in what is likely to be a very different landscape.

A strategy will provide a clear roadmap and will define the actions a business should and should not take to achieve its goals. As business owners and managers find that the world has changed, they will need to think creatively to ensure the vision for the company, its goals and values are relevant in this new landscape.

Through the 1:1 mentoring session, business leaders can benefit from expert support to review their goals, business models, and markets to develop a clear and concise plan for success and avoid depending on blind luck.

Anita can help you to:

  • Develop an environment that encourages creative thinking and alternative ideas
  • Help establish a project team and facilitate its work
  • Help with focusing on desired outcomes and strategic goals/objectives
  • Work with you to identify the full consequences of the proposed activity
  • Understand the impact on the business and its staff, of any significant changes that emerge from a strategic review
  • Test the resilience of the strategy

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