Webinar: Cyber Security

Practical tips to protect your data, PCs and other devices from cyber attacks

This session is designed to equip you with an awareness of the main types of cyber attacks and measures that can be taken to address them.

Who will the session be useful for? Those responsible for managing business data, software and systems and ensuring they are secure as well as those involved in training staff to help keep the business safe from cyber attacks.

Protecting yourself and your business from cyber security risks can seem daunting but there are some simple steps you can take to ensure you have the basics in place and prepare your staff as your frontline defence against cyber attacks.

  • How safe are your company data and devices?
  • How well prepared are your staff to identify and avoid cyber attacks?

Practical, easy tips to defend your business against cyber attacks

This webinar will be held using Zoom Meetings and the link will be in your ticket.

Each session has a host who will introduce the webinar and the speaker. We make use of the online chat and polls to aid interactivity and there is an opportunity for Q&As throughout the session.

The webinar will last no longer than an hour.

Who is the speaker?

Dr Janice Pittis – TALE Partnerships Lead, Haven Gateway Partnership

After an early career in higher education, Janice joined a multinational crop protection company where she worked in research and development for ten years in the UK and overseas. Drawing on her experience in both the commercial sector and higher education, Janice later worked in universities to develop links between business and academia. As the Director of Research and Enterprise Office at the University of Essex Janice led a team that facilitated knowledge exchange between the University, business and other external organisations including support for start-up companies, management of intellectual property, consultancy and contract research.

In her current role at TALE, Janice supports partnerships with universities, business organisations and national organisations that support businesses make better use of their data.

Organiser: Haven Gateway Partnership TALE project

The Haven Gateway Partnership are a public/private sector partnership encouraging economic growth and support for SMEs through projects such as Transport and Logistical Efficiencies (TALE). TALE supports businesses in the logistics sector or with a logistics function.

These webinars form part of the TALE offer.  Our Business Support Facilitators can work with you to help you identify areas where you can improve the efficiency or resilience of your business through better use of data.  As well as webinars, we can offer data diagnostics, one to one support and grants of up to £20,000 towards your data project.  TALE is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.