Webinar: Reviewing your Operations and Processes – part one

Part one – where are you now?

Who will the session be useful for?

Business decision makers and leaders who want to identify efficiencies and improvements within their operations and processes. This includes making changes to your processes as a result of Covid-19 and considering processes for the future. All Reviewing your Operations and Processes webinars are an introduction into the Lean Six Sigma and Agile methodologies and it’s tools.

Discover a simplified process mapping toolkit to help you discover where you can maximise efficiency and improve business performance.

  • Are you identifying the right improvement opportunities from hard evidence or gut instinct?
  • Do you still have very paper-based and/or manual processes?
  • Do you have a core system in place or is everything in spreadsheets?

Most businesses are so busy doing the day to day tasks needed that they don’t stop to consider that there may be a better way of doing things. You understand that you need to make efficiencies or increase your turnover and profitability, but don’t know where to start looking. You also don’t want to waste precious time or money.

Part 1 is designed to equip you with the process mapping toolkit needed to delve into your operations and processes and optimise and take stock of where you are now for the benefit of growth and survival.

• Understand how data flows through your business

• Produce visual process maps to help you identify improvements

• Connect with your staff to create a better understanding of the project that you want to undertake

Who is the Speaker?

Sian Dowell – Business Support Facilitator for the TALE Scheme

Sian’s career began as a designer in business development, marketing and communications. She then trained as a Business Analyst, gaining her accreditation as a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma as well as being trained in Change Management and Agile.

Since joining the TALE team, Sian has worked with over 100 businesses to coach them through their ideas to invest in improvement projects.

This webinar will be held using Zoom Meetings and the link will be in your ticket.

Each session has a host who will introduce the webinar and the speaker. We make use of the online chat and polls to aid interactivity and there is an opportunity for Q&As throughout the session.

The webinar will last no longer than an hour.

Organiser: Haven Gateway Partnership TALE project

The Haven Gateway Partnership is a public/private sector partnership encouraging economic growth and support for SMEs through projects such as Transport and Logistical Efficiencies (TALE). TALE supports businesses in the logistics sector or with a logistics function.

These webinars form part of the TALE offer.  Our Business Support Facilitators can work with you to help you identify areas where you can improve the efficiency or resilience of your business through better use of data.  As well as webinars, we can offer data diagnostics, one to one support and grants of up to £20,000 towards your data project.  TALE is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.