Sian Dowell Puts a Test to the Test

The Digital Readiness Tool that challenges business to integrate technology into company objectives

Digital Readiness Tool

Over the last decade, new technologies have boomed and buzzwords are galore: ‘agile’, ‘innovative’, ‘customer-centric’, ‘streamlined’, ‘efficient’. Not only are businesses figuring out what these words mean to them, but are then trying to find a strategy to achieve them. To do this, they are going through a digital transformation.

Many businesses, especially in the Transport and Logistics sector, are now taking part in digital transformations – this is the transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across industry in a strategic and prioritised way. A digital transformation also fundamentally changes how you operate and deliver value to customers. It's a cultural change within the workplace that requires businesses to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and become comfortable with failure.

Digital readiness are the steps to navigate and measure how ready a business is to participate in a digital transformation.

So what is digital readiness? By definition, digital readiness allows people to navigate through the digital world of work successfully, feeling comfortable in a technological environment and being able to perform. It is the willingness and ability to learn and seek new opportunities, to flexibly adapt to changing environments and openness to try new things.

It is important to incorporate technology and data strategies into your business objectives. This includes:

  • planning for digital systems
  • creating digitised products and services for customers
  • technology for operations
  • how you engage with your supply chain using technology

A digital transformation is underpinned by your business processes and your staff. Businesses need to embrace digital in order to progress and launch new ideas to grow the business. A strong digital culture starts with a good foundation, laid by the leadership in the business and aligning staff to a shared vision for what you want your digital systems to look like. Staff need to be not only involved but active change agents for the digital culture. This is the measure for whether a business is ready or has the capability to take on a digital transformation.

By how can you start to measure your digital readiness as a novice in the technological world?

The Digital Readiness Level (DRL) Tool was created with a clear objective in mind: to create a standardised tool which will help businesses to measure and therefore improve your digital maturity. The DRL Tool is designed to provide a business with an opportunity to take a detailed look at where you are in respect to the digital journey and to assess and prioritise their future actions to identify and reach an appropriate position.

The tool is split into two different surveys;

  1. a quick 10-minute ‘Coffee Break’ questionnaire to give you a high-level result of where your business currently is (as shown in the picture as an example)
  2. a full 90-minute questionnaire which delves deeper into how you can achieve digital readiness and thus complete a digital transformation.

Will you use the Digital Readiness Tool? Call us now to see how TALE can support you with grants to purchase new software to improve how your business uses data as part of your digital transformation or attend a free workshop on Digital Strategy and Leadership.