The first new TALE Action Event in the Autumn calendar (held on 11 September 2019) focused on Enhancing Your Operations & Processes – Building a Toolkit.

A small group representing SME Managers from businesses being supported by the project, met for a thought provoking and interactive event, facilitated by Sian Dowell of Haven Gateway Partnership.  Sian is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

The aim of the event was to identify data businesses collect, and start considering how they can use this to improve their processes, using a toolkit given to them in easy to learn and use stages.

Time was given during the event to stop and consider their own companies at each stage of the process and also to share their experience/thoughts of what steps they need to take next to help their business implement change.

Delegates left the session planning to suggest improvements to their colleagues. Feedback included the value of using flow diagrams to manage work flow, and specific plans to communicate with staff and improve the customer experience, as well as using specific tools to improve efficiency in the workplace and free up time to develop growth plans.

TALE Action events are small hands-on sessions with a focus on practical methods and examples so that delegates can leave with action plans.  The new event programme includes further sessions of this event, together with a follow-up Enhancing Your Operations & Processes: Delivering on Your Project

See the full programme and schedule here TALE Events