Getting Started With Big Data Analytics And Business Intelligence For Small Business

TALE News shares this blog post that offers advice on starting out in data analysis - with helpful advice that can be adapted to any industry or sector.  Credit to Sandra Durcevic:

"In this post, we aim at helping you benefiting from business analytics for small businesses. To do so, we gathered the most important reasons why business intelligence for small business is a smart choice, and how to implement a big data strategy for small businesses"

Small businesses can use the same tools as main market players and face their competitors. New self-service tools prove that business intelligence is no rocket science but rather a useful tool to help to turn data into informed decisions. Now every company can harness the power of modern BI software to raise their bottom line since business intelligence for small business has become accessible and affordable.

8 Tips On How To Get Started With Business Intelligence for Small Businesses

1. Fulfil different needs

2. Increase transparency and relationships with customers

3. Analyse and easily combine various data sources online

4. Read your future with Predictive Analytics

5. Use the right data visualisations for your data stories

6. Foster collaboration and cooperation

7. Secure your data

8. Make better business decisions faster

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