Microsoft Ends Support for Windows 7 - No New Security Updates or Technical Support

Software Developer Microsoft has halted support for the Windows 7 Operating Systems.

Press have speculated that this will leave the system more vulnerable to hackers:

BBC News Story

Microsoft made a commitment to keep updating the Windows 7 systems for 10 years when it was released on 22 October 2009.  In practice 14 January 2020 was the last day this service was provided.

The company recommends upgrading to Windows 10, and this may necessitate a new PC.  Computers running Windows 7 will still operate but will gradually become less secure.

The Government have advised Windows 7 users not to do internet banking.  They have also highlight the risk of insecure communications such as email.

Companies with enhanced Windows 7 products (eg Professional or Enterprises) can pay for additional updates from Microsoft.

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