Oracle OpenWorld running 44 sessions on the benefits of better use of data

Across two days, immerse yourself in the infinite possibilities of a data-driven world.

DAY 1 | Insight Starts Here | Outpace Change with Intelligence
Explore how leading companies—faced with an ever-accelerating pace of change—are unlocking insights with data to re-engineer the core of their business, elevate the value they deliver to customers, pioneer new ways of working, and drive completely new opportunities.

DAY 2 | Innovation Starts Here | Technology-Powered Possibilities
Dive deep into the transformational and autonomous technologies fundamentally changing work and life. Fuel innovation by pulling value from vast amounts of data at scale and unleashing opportunities with AI and machine learning.

Finance, Reporting, Planning, Supply Chain

Gone are the days when the role of the back office was just to contain costs and maintain the business. Forward-thinking organisations are adapting and creating data-driven financial, planning and supply chain organisation at the core of the business to identify new growth opportunities and create value.

Empower a modern, agile organization:

  • Take advantage of cloud and emerging technologies to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve controls.
  • Automate low-value, manual tasks and focus on the strategic initiatives that will move your business forward.
  • Leverage real-time data for predictive insights to improve your decision-making and performance management.
  • Evolve your supply chains to meet increased buyer expectations, shorter product lifecycles, new regulations and fluctuating demand.

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Oracle OpenWorld