Our TALE grants are going fast. But no need to fear as we still have £400,000 left in our pot to award to Small and Medium businesses who move goods from A to B.

TALE has been in action for 2 years now, and in this time 84 businesses have submitted successful grant applications and been awarded grant funding. The grant funding has helped businesses to: hire consultants to make changes to their operations and processes and lead projects; implement whole new systems, such Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), Management Systems and core software for operations; purchase tablets and smart phones to ensure that staff can access systems remotely while on the road in real-time; employ new staff members to analyse data or manage logistics functions.

We want to make sure that every business who is entitled to this grant funding receives their share to make improvements and grow. All of the successfully-approved businesses have received 40% of their project funded, and we can fund up to £10,000 towards a £25,000 project. Our grants are first-come-first-served, so please enquire with us about receiving funding towards your project. Our Business Support Facilitators can speak to you about your business and support needs before you get the fear-of-missing-out!

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