The TALE website exists to explain how the grant scheme operates but also functions as a knowledge centre – providing information and resources of assistance to small and medium enterprises.  The Supplier Directory is a key component: its aim is to provide a resource listing a wide range of companies and organisations who specialise in providing products and services of relevance to the logistics manager.

This is a dynamic service – and has recently expanded as TALE Business Facilitators attend a wide range of trade fairs and networking events.  The aim is to include companies able to provide assistance to the type of projects that TALE Members undertake as they improve their efficiency and create new products and services.  TALE Grants can be used to co-fund 40% of the cost of software and related hardware, kit, new staff and consultancy as a part of a better use of data systems.

Software Providers

Companies working in the transport sector have the benefit of a range of specialist software companies offering products such as fleet optimisation, vehicle routing and geographic location tracking.  As well as handling operational aspects of running a fleet of vehicles, several suppliers now offer Apps and management reporting software.

The directory also includes specialists in intermodal systems, freight forwarding and expertise in tele-matics and the use of portable devices for data capture.  For those in manufacturing, needs may include ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

The more general enterprise can take advantage of products offering warehouse, stock and inventory management and control of the supply chain.  Companies can streamline data processing and provide timely business intelligence as reports and dashboards.


Creating and installing technological systems, that are bespoke to an individual business’ needs is a feature of a number of consultancies.  Services include data and systems audits, and developing databases and CRMs (Customer Relationship Management).

Staying Cyber Safe is a concern to many TALE members, some are looking for assistance to enhance their information and security systems and obtain Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Professional Services

The listings include insurance brokerage, independent financial advice and legal services from professional service providers who have developed knowledge of the transport logistics sector.

As ever, it should be noted that TALE project grants focus on data related solutions but it is appreciated that major projects may need advice and contributions from a range of experts in the field.  This expenditure is ineligible from the grant funding contribution.


Business Advice

TALE Members are frequently referred to the scheme by the Growth Hubs based in the project’s core geography – across New Anglia and the South East.  In turn these business support advisors can offer access to a wide range of other grant schemes, growth support planning and training.  Independent business mentoring is also available.

The University sector featured in the directory includes those with specialist enterprise divisions, working closely alongside industry.  Partnership opportunities may include Knowledge Transfer as well as grants for innovative product development.


Please explore the TALE Directory to see what services and products are available, entries include contact details and links to websites.

Supplier Directory

Disclaimer:  Please note, the TALE Directory is an impartial signposting service.  It does not recommend nor endorse specific products and each TALE member should carry out their own due diligence.  TALE does not receive a commission; all listings are provided free of charge.