At a time when numbers of man-made attacks on the supply chain are increasing, the media have been looking at a critical link in the Cyber Security system all businesses use: the passwords users create to login.

Splashdata has compiled its annual list of the worst passwords used in 2018.  These include returning 'favourites' at the top of the poll #1 123456 and #2 password, together with the equally unoriginal  #12 admin  and  #9 qwerty Perhaps you think you are clever to have spotted a sequence on your keyboard - or perhaps not as #26 is zxcvbnm.

Christian names are increasingly popular with appearances from  #34 daniel  # 35 hannah  # 38 george  and  #21 charlie  or should it read notable?:  #23 donald.

Finally our attention is drawn to things we like:  #8 sunshine  and  #16 football.

Read the whole Top 50 List:

Splashdata News

ITPro, the UK technology magazine also reported that the best passwords are the ones you can't remember!

ITPro News

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