Tools that work: Your Feedback on TALE's Operations & Processes Advice

Sian Dowell, TALE Business Support Facilitator has met over 100 businesses and led a programme of events sharing tools useful in improving Operations & Processes in Logistics.  She reports on recent experience:

I have delivered six Enhancing your Operations and Processes action events so far between September 2019 and February 2020. Each has varied in the types of businesses represented by delegates, but each event has created an open, conversational and honest space for directors and managers to find tools to help them solve their issues that they are facing in their businesses and make the improvements that they want to see in their operations and processes.

The most popular tool has been the Kanban board (pictured), a visual project management tool that helps to track tasks and keep communication flowing. This is one of the tools which is the lightbulb moment for delegates, when they question why a tool so simple in concept is not made more widely known to businesses. How have they gone this long without knowing about this? They asked themselves. One director’s face lit up when he realised that the Kanban board will help him to get all of his ideas out of his head and to help him prioritise. Another Operations Manager was delighted to know that this could resolve how staff in his business keep each other up-to-date and working together, and couldn’t wait to show the tool to his Managing Director. Another admitted that she had come to the event expecting to know the subject already, but had been pleasantly surprised that she ‘didn’t know things’ and had learnt something new to take back to her business.

TALE action events are all about giving businesses the tools to think and make real and immediate impact in their businesses. It is delightful as the expert delivering the event to hear that the knowledge will make a difference to a business’s progress for improvement and growth.

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Enhancing Your Operations and Processes will run on 24 March 2020 in Colchester

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