Urgent Call: BT has just had NHS approval to co-ordinate 3D printed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) production of facemasks for East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust and are looking for volunteers to help increase production volumes. They are seeking local construction/manufacturing companies with access to 3D printers to help with the effort, (print bed minimum size 15 x 18cm and can print in PLA or ABS). Alternatively, they are looking for supplies of clear acetate sheets that local companies could contribute.

The actual task involves 3D printing the plastic frames for an NHS-approved facemask design (which we will supply) which we will then assemble with clear-plastic acetate and elastic, to deliver to Ipswich hospital on a weekly basis. The plan is to co-ordinate deliveries from our team of volunteers into a single location (Adastral Park in Ipswich) for assembly and transport in order to minimise disruption to the hospitals’ other deliveries during this high-pressure time.

Should any of your contacts be able to help, please can you ask them to email Shane Allum at BT: shane.allum@bt.com

Thank you

[Picture for illustrative purposes only, please check specification with BT]