Covid-19 and lockdown hit everyone quickly and unexpectedly.

TALE wanted to continue supporting businesses to help strengthen their resilience; even though our face-to-face events had to be cancelled, we adapted them into Lunchtime Learning Briefings, a range of webinars available for all businesses to access.

One of our attendees was Tash Thirkell, Operations Manager at ARC Microtech. She attended our webinar on Covid-19 Immediate Business Support delivered by TALE’s own Fred Thomas, which guided businesses to government assistance and funding during lockdown.

Tash said after the webinar that “Although I was aware of most of the support that is available during the Covid-19 crisis, it was useful to hear it in a different format and have the opportunity to ask questions.”

She was particularly interested in seeing whether they were able to get the small business cash grant of £10,000, which she didn’t realise was available until attending the webinar. Another attendee at the webinar mentioned that she had applied for a grant and Tash sought Fred’s assistance to apply herself. She was accepted for the grant after a quick response from Rother District Council.

As a Business Support Facilitator, Fred is happy to support businesses flexibly. “It makes all of the work delivering our briefings worthwhile. We are glad we could help ARC Microtech and other attendees get the Small Business Grant from the government.”