Freight Forwarder based in Witham, Braintree District, Essex

International business importing and exporting, via air, sea and land transport

The Journey:

Unisystems were talking to their account manager at Barclays about funding plans, with ambitious objectives he suggested they check what government grants were available – the type of new software required had high quotes so it would be necessary to raise additional funds.

TALE Business Support Facilitator Patrick Maynard visited the company base in Witham to check eligibility. BEST Growth Hub Navigator Jacqui Stimpson provided additional support and advice.

The company secured quotes from 3 software providers, selecting Access Delta for a new Warehouse Management System and submitting an application for a TALE Grant towards project costs.

The Business Need:

Unisystems needed a new Warehouse Management System, software to replace manually driven methods – an ‘all singing-and-dancing’ system encompassing day to day operations as efficiently as possible. The project included software licenses and the cost of set up, configuration and implementation.


The WMS will help stock management – it is automated so reduces the risk of human error, it handles ship-in ship-out and has an on-line portal providing stock updates.  Customers can see the progress of their orders during the freight forwarding process.  Scanning software is being introduced to track orders and will give Unisystems managers more control.

Unisystems wouldn’t have been able to fund the software without the TALE Grant – it covered 40% of the cost”