Nick Eva, Director of Elite Express Logistics, shared how his business has benefitted from the TALE programme.

Tell us about your business

We are a same day express courier company based in Harlow. We also offer a storage facility, as well as transportation. I saw Harlow as being a town that was generating a lot of business and it seemed to be a place where things were happening. We have not regretted the decision to move to Harlow.

What makes your business different from other courier companies?

It’s the care we take of both customers and their products. We have a good reputation for looking after fragile products. We do a lot of work with lighting, bespoke furniture, and pieces for exhibitions so products that need to turn up in the condition they left the customer in! There are plenty of ‘man with a van’ type companies on the internet but they are probably not as careful as we are.

We are also a preferred supplier to companies in the construction industry because they need a courier service that get things done exactly right. We can offer them this service.

Describe a typical customer

We work with anyone, but we do have customers that are larger businesses in Harlow. We work with a Dutch company for example, which is a big carpet manufacturer whose warehouse is in Harlow. It’s enormous – like a couple of football fields worth of carpets!

We have other customers that you may not think are that big like Smart AV for example, but they provided the screens for the European Championships. We also have a Dubai customer, who have an office based in Greenways Business Centre in Harlow. We do a lot with display and exhibition companies such as Verve Display.

It’s the relationships with the people you work with that’s important in business. With our customers, we always say we are their logistic partner and that we work with them to take their business forward. In business it’s important to know the people you work with.

We also work with a charity called Teens United, which is a teenage cancer charity. All our drivers have all bought into that. So, we transport all their goods around the country for free. I’ve done work with them on their summer camps in Broxbourne too. They are a charity that we’re very close to. We work with the community where we can.

Where are most of your customers based?

Mostly Harlow and surrounding areas. We’ve worked from Harlow for the last five and a half years, and we’ve built a good loyal customer base. We had an open day here when we first came to the business centre in Harlow because we wanted to integrate with the community where we can. All our drivers are based in Harlow. We want to employ locally when we can. But we also have a network of owner/drivers covering the SE region and have access to other trusted partners, who are nationally based who we use when required.

We also use a group of top-quality couriers around the UK so that we can operate nationally. For example, we are costing for a company that needs some goods transported from Stansted picking up on Sunday, going to Warrington on Monday for an 8am delivery. That driver will then be collecting from Liverpool and going up to Glasgow.

I always believe that businesses should cooperate, it is mutually beneficial. We work with a few of the other logistics companies near Harlow. There are some in our business centre that we do reciprocal work for. I like to work in cooperation with others to fulfil something that can’t be done alone.

How did you hear about the TALE programme?

We first heard about the TALE programme from Jacqui Stimpson at the BEST Growth Hub.

How have you benefitted from the TALE programme?

Once we were informed about the TALE programme, we contacted TALE and they Client Relationship Manager Patrick Maynard contacted us. I have met with Patrick on a couple of occasions, and he has provided advice and support for our business. We did not fit in exactly with the criteria to access a grant from TALE, but this did not stop Patrick from giving us advice and we are now looking to benefit from the 9-hour mentoring programme that is being offered currently.

Where do you see your business in the future?

We have just moved to larger premises about four months ago so we can now offer storage which is a major step forward for us and provides a new combined transport and storage offering. For example, we are working with a company that supplies aircraft parts. We provide storage for them, so they can call off parts and get them delivered when required.

Plus, year on year, we’re looking to increase the number of vehicles we have and the services we can offer.

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