J.W. Hughes are a building contractor for commercial and residential jobs. They work on their own in-house projects, and complete contract work for developers and contractors. Commercial work such as office block conversions and new builds, make up 60% of their jobs. The remaining 40% of work is private and residential work.

Operations Manager, Thomas Tresadern, was referred to TALE for help implementing a new operational management system.  At J.W. Hughes the team mostly used spreadsheets, which has become increasingly inefficient.  It was difficult and time-consuming to manually calculate the logistics of delivering to a customer’s building site, and the management of stock was haphazard. It was also difficult to accurately forecast and identify opportunities to grow.

Thomas wanted an operational management system that would automate their processes and data flow, keeping all of their data together and giving them new ways of communicating with customers. With help from Business Support Facilitator, Sian Dowell, J.W. Hughes were approved £4,400 grant funding to help implement their chosen system.

One of the major benefits of the set-up was the improvements to their logistics functions, which made their supply chain more efficient. New capabilities included: using stock information to determine whether inbound deliveries are to the yard or direct to site; tracking deliveries from suppliers either or from the yard to the building site; allocating vans to deliver from the yard to building site; and managing stock held at the yard to ensure the levels are correct. J.W Hughes hopes to employ more staff as the system allows the business to grow.

All Grants are funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).