Kemtron Ltd are a manufacturer of RFI/EMI shielding gaskets and components. 50% of their customers are in the UK and 50% are exports, with 30% of those exports being in the EU. They supply high quality ECM shielding components and products and are based in Braintree.

Kemtron were heavily impacted by Covid-19. They had to reduce operations as they normally supply to aerospace and export products, which stopped abruptly because of lockdown. They also had to send staff home overnight with old, non-functional laptops and two are working from their own desktop, which is not only old but not appropriate for their work. Webcams are also not working for Zoom meetings and they struggled to order some due to high demand from the country.

Victoria Tsoi, Managing Director, contacted her Business Support Facilitator Sian Dowell to see if TALE could support them with their resilience plans. Victoria used a TALE LITE application to apply for funding towards four laptops for their staff who are working from home, and will be working from home for the foreseeable future.

To ensure safe and appropriate transportation of all manufactured goods, they had defined processes to manage products and documentation through their systems, which could be maintained with new laptops. Without the support of TALE, they were working with slow and unresponsive technology and had the added issue with home working of trying to maintain the integrity and security of data on old or borrowed equipment. They received £1000 grant funding from TALE.

Victoria said that “We were trying to manage our business through a very difficult time keeping product flowing through our site and out to customers. It was incredibly challenging juggling old IT solutions with new working from home requirements for vulnerable staff and those whose roles could be performed offsite. We struggled to find good equipment to keep us operating well and the TALE project helped us to acquire new laptops to make this work easily and securely.”