Nirro Ltd are an independent Volkswagen and Audi Group (VAG) vehicle specialist, based in 2 sites in Essex. Their core areas of business are the sale of used VAG car parts and service, maintenance, and repair of VAG vehicles. Every month they have over 200 vehicles pass through the workshop. Not only will they service cars, they will also provide any parts from a fully stocked warehouse.

Hasan Irfan, Owner of Nirro, saw information about TALE from Harlow District Council, and made contact with Patrick Maynard, Business Support Facilitator. Patrick met Nirro Ltd in December 2019 at their new purpose-built site in Ongar, Essex. They wanted to develop and implement an order and stock management software system which would allow them to enter and track stock accurately; this would improve efficiency to bring them into the 21st century, as well as gather order data from multiple sources and integrate with their delivery companies to enable efficient ordering, processing and tracking.

They were aware that they had not kept up with the latest technology and to remain competitive and efficient, they wanted to have better technology and digital systems and to move away from the number of spreadsheets used, which were unreliable. The main focus of the project allowed them to efficiently organise the logistical movements of stock around and between sites and seamlessly integrate with online marketplaces and online portals for efficient and accurate processing of stock. The project not only improved their operations, but they plan to create new jobs and services within 2 years. Nirro were awarded £19,000 grant funding after a successful grant application was submitted. As a result of the grant, they have taken on two new staff and are planning to take on more.

Hasan Irfan said “My experience with TALE was totally amazing. They have been very supportive of Nirro as a company in this difficult period and have helped to transform the way we do business as a whole. By assisting us with the finance for our new state-of-the-art integrated system we can now offer a much more streamlined efficient service to our customers. The whole application process very simple and the team were able to offer us support throughout. Without the help of TALE we would not have been able to make this investment in to our company. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team at TALE for doing a fantastic job, in particular Patrick Maynard who has been amazing and always there to help with any difficulties. Thanks again for helping us to improve our staff and customer experience at Nirro.”