Pack HQ (trading as Pack Fulfilment at offers a sustainable eCommerce fulfilment solution for brands based in Colchester, Essex, and are certified as an Organic Fulfilment Warehouse.

They wanted to build a powerful fulfilment solution that took pride in small things, like packaging, that set clients apart from their competitors.

Alex Saffari, the Director of Pack HQ, attended Enhancing your Operations and Processes in Colchester in September 2019 after working with Business Support Facilitator Patrick Maynard to register for TALE. This event was split into two parts Part 1: Building a Toolkit and Part 2: Delivering on your Project. In both sessions, tools are given from the methodologies of Lean Six Sigma and Agile, and advice given for actions that businesses can take to see quick-wins for improvements in their business. It was during Part 2 especially that Alex discovered a new tool to help him take charge of his busy thoughts and time management.

He implemented a physical Kanban Board in his office after the workshop and immediately saw a difference in how he managed his time and workload, creating more space to be able to think strategically about priority projects he wanted to undertake for improvement.