Pioneer Fabrications are a metal fabricator based in Braintree, Essex. Pioneer design, manufacture and deliver bespoke products. As a manufacturer they work with a 'middle man', rather than direct with the end user. A typical project could be making custom furniture that food is prepared on for restaurants and offices.

David Camp, Director, engaged with Alan Martin of Vision Reach to help them source a new operating system. While they had a system in place for accounting, everything else was on Excel spreadsheets. This made operations and processes more time-consuming and unmanageable for staff.

David's team wanted to have a high-level view of projects from conception to completion, and the ability to run reports on what was happening. From the drawing register to shipping requirements, through to invoicing.

Alan referred Pioneer to Sian Dowell, Business Support Facilitator, to register for TALE. With Sian's help Pioneer were awarded £2,000 in grant funding for their project. The funding enabled them become more efficient by improving and streamlining their activities. They also achieved greater traceability throughout their business processes. The system also enabled Pioneer to create a new customer portal.

All Grants are funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).