Waste management business receives £18,000 in grant funding.

About the company

Sharp Skips is a waste management company servicing clients in Essex, London and Kent. They offer skip hire, collecting and sorting the resulting waste. They have a state-of-the-art waste recycling centre, dispose of contaminated waste and deal with confidential shredding. Any client waste that is deemed reusable is resold, an operation that’s cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than using landfill. They are also an aggregate supplier and rent out vehicles.

Identifying the problem

In 2019, Lee Tyrell, Manager at Sharp Skips, was looking to invest in a new system to automate route planning, integrating other data such as the amount of waste and recyclables going through the weighbridge. This would save the team a significant amount of time as vehicle logistics and route optimisation would no longer be a lengthy manual process. Lee was also keen the system should integrate with tablets for drivers to use, eradicating the need for paper.

The TALE solution

After making an enquiry through the TALE website, Lee was contacted by Business Support Facilitator, Sian Dowell. They discussed Lee’s project and how TALE might be able to support the business. Sharp Skips was first registered for TALE through a diagnostic session in April 2019 and Sian helped Lee complete a grant application.

Lee identified the most fit-for-purpose system with the capability of handling today’s business, and future growth. Sharp Skips were then approved for grant funding.

Sadly, during the first Covid-19 lockdown, their original supplier closed operations, putting the Sharp Skips project on hold. Again, with Sian’s help they requested a grant variation, choosing another supplier who could not only deliver the system needed, but also complete the work faster. They have received £18,000 in grant funding to build their new system.

Further support through I-Construct

During their TALE diagnostic, Lee expressed an interest in other initiatives that the Haven Gateway Partnership was delivering.

When I-Construct launched in September 2020 Sian contacted Lee to see if the new scheme was of interest. Lee wanted to join the network so that he can attend events and webinars to explore renewable energy and how he might apply it to Sharp Skips. He is also keen to network and explore opportunities through the portal.

Lee Tyrell, Sharp Skips Manager said:

"The funding we received helped us to exploit technology we wouldn’t have otherwise pursued without the help of the TALE project. Our operations are now streamlined and this has helped us to cut costs with most manual paperwork exercises now obsolete.

I-Construct is yet another exciting initiative that we look forward to benefiting from and we can’t thank the Haven Gateway team enough for the support they continue to provide“.

TALE and I-Construct are ERDF funded.

Learn more about I-Construct.