SurveyTech Managing Director, Matt Lacey, originally heard about TALE at the South East Virtual Construction Expo. With help from our Business Support Facilitator Sian, the company applied for a £1,981.15 grant, which they were awarded. The funding has helped them implement a new server, and purchase new software and mobile tablets to improve their logistics processes:

“With a small business it can be difficult to be across everything. Sometimes you end up with the systems that you had when you set them up. They were pretty good then, but as you grew you slightly outgrew the systems that you had in place. That's why it's good to have an outside expert come and look at it.

“Haven Gateway has been supporting us in digitalising our delivery note system, so that we're better able to document where things go and when.”

Rather than inputting data manually, the new system will allow delivery drivers to input data about deliveries and pick-ups of hired products while on the road. Automating this process benefits both the SurveyTech team and those renting or buying their equipment:

“It gives a lot more transparency to our customers because they'll get an email with a picture of the kit as it's delivered. We all know what's been delivered when, and it's signed for digitally. It gives us a much better record than the paper tickets that you have to rely on the site to send you. So hopefully that'll be good for us and also good for our customers.”

The new server purchased with help from the grant funding has also provided firewall protection for SurveyTech’s software and data, making their cyber-security more robust. Matt suggests this is an important issue for every small business to consider:

“They've also been really beefing up our cyber-security, which I would recommend to every small business, because without having a professional making a point of looking at it you can have gaps that could be exploited by criminals and fraudsters. That not only leaves you open, it leaves your customers open. So, that's another big benefit of the work we've had done.

“The I.T. consultant is doing for us what I think we do for construction companies. We offer the advice, the products, and ways of working more safely and efficiently.”

Since working with the Haven Gateway team on the TALE project, SurveyTech have also joined the I-Construct network.

All grants are funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).