Yewdale Corporation Limited is a manufacturer of blind/track systems and anti-ligature solutions for all applications worldwide. The product is manufactured at the Wickford, Essex based factory and covers the whole range of blind/track systems – rollers, cassettes vertical, tracks, venetians, blackouts, insect screens as well as the range of anti-ligature products.

The BEST Growth Hub referred Peter McQuibban, Finance Manager, to Patrick Maynard, who first visited Yewdale in March 2020. Peter attended one of the Haven Gateway free webinars in April but was also interested in getting a grant for a new CRM system, as the old one was not up to standard for the 21st century and was holding the business back.

There is a great deal of data held for all Yewdale customers and prospects which was split across a number of databases. The aim was to have all this held on one CRM where customer updates and sales data can be easily accessed. The new system improved communications and logistics, where drivers of their own Elite vans can access the CRM via their mobile device to provide accurate data efficiently and in real-time. The route planning section increased the productivity of their drivers and in turn the companies fuel consumption.

The benefits of receiving grant assistance meant they were able to push the business forward to a foundation that will last 10-20 years as well as supporting their growth plans and the better use of data, giving them the efficiencies they craved within the business. They were approved for a £7,400 grant.

Peter said “Working with Patrick and the team has been a great help in getting our new CRM project up and running. The benefits to our business are already being felt and the whole process was very efficiently handled by the Haven Gateway set up with great communication and transparency over requirements. A big thank you to all!”